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In this blog post, I would like to explain

What is a state attribute for Tasks and Requirements
How Obsolete task state is used
How Task state is used in Deletion


What is Task state

The Task state is an attribute of the Task. It denotes if the task is actively in use or not.

If it’s not visible in your task list you can enable it using the filter options and column result settings

What are the values in the Task state

Task state can be Active or Obsolete

by default, the Task list hides all the tasks in the state “Obsolete” but you can enable it using the filters to see the Obsolete tasks also

How can a Task State be set to Obsolete?

There are many ways it can be done.  The most common are via SAP Activate content update or manually

Via SAP Activate Content Update

In some situations, the instructions provided by the SAP Activate team may become out of date. As an example when SAP introduces automation, some of the previous procedures are deprecated. To ensure your tasks provided by SAP Activate methodology always remain up to date, such tasks are set to Obsolete by the system.


If in a Project a certain Task is no longer meaningful but you want to maintain its existence, you can set this to Obsolete. You need to ensure you are in display mode to see this option.

Note that when a task is set to Obsolete, the status of the task is still preserved as the action can be reversed anytime by setting the Task to Active again


How Obsolete Tasks behave

Obsolete tasks

get a special prefix [Obsolete] in front of the Task Tile
become read-only

How Task state is important for deletion

Tasks and Requirements can not be deleted unless they are first set to the Obsolete state. This is to ensure accidental deletion is avoided. This is also explained in detail in this Blog Post


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