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We’re excited to announce that TrustRadius, a leading independent peer review platform for B2B software, has recognized SAP data and analytics solutions with multiple Winter 2023 “Best Of” awards.

TrustRadius shares unbiased reviews from authenticated users across a variety of industries and identifies the top-performing products. The Winter 2023 Best Of awards highlight solutions that have earned outstanding customer feedback regarding their features, price, and support.

SAP data and analytics solutions maximize the value within all data for the most impactful decisions. We view this recognition from TrustRadius as a testament of our mission to give data purpose, connect business processes, and accelerate innovation.

We’re honored that our data and analytics solutions have been recognized with the following awards:

SAP HANA Cloud: Best Feature Set, Best Value for Price, and Best Relationship in the Relational Databases category
SAP Data Warehouse Cloud: Best Feature Set, Best Value for Price, and Best Relationship in the Cloud Data Warehouse category
SAP Master Data Governance: Best Feature Set, Best Value for Price, and Best Relationship in the Master Data Management category
SAP Data Intelligence Cloud: Best Feature Set, Best Value for Price, and Best Relationship in the Data Fabric category

Modernize the Data Foundation with SAP HANA Cloud

SAP HANA Cloud is a modern database as a service powering the next generation of intelligent data applications and analytics across all enterprise data. It empowers users to build data solutions with cloud-native scalability, speed, and performance.

Megan Headley, vice president of Research at TrustRadius, noted, “Reviewers on TrustRadius appreciate SAP HANA Cloud’s low administrative overhead, speedy data processing, and ease of use for new users.”

One TrustRadius reviewer noted, “It’s great to run mission-critical operations in real time from anywhere, introduce new business models within the industry, and expand globally with a trusted partner.” They also mentioned that it “reduces the complexity of multi-cloud or hybrid system landscapes” and that the support is “always great.” Read the full review for more.

Make Data Meaningful with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud goes beyond traditional data warehousing to provide a multi-cloud, multisource business semantic service for enterprise analytics and planning. This software as a service helps users to better understand business data and make decisions based on real-time information.

“Buyers have a wide range of cloud data warehouse products to choose from,” said Headley. “On TrustRadius, reviewers highlight SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s no-code data modeling tools and no-ETL connections to data sources.”

In a recent evaluation, one TrustRadius reviewer called it “the future of cloud data warehousing.” They went on to say that “end users have way more flexibility in making changes to the models without interference from IT” and that SAP Data Warehouse Cloud “is the first tool [they’ve] seen that can easily facilitate self-service data warehousing from a business user point of view.” Find out more in the full review.

Manage Data Centrally with SAP Master Data Governance

A unified, trusted view of a business allows for working more efficiently and making better decisions. The SAP Master Data Governance application helps pull together master data and manage it centrally using a master data management layer based on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).

“Reviewers of SAP Master Data Governance on TrustRadius appreciate the product’s impact on their data integrity and robust auditing capabilities,” said Headley.

A TrustRadius reviewer mentioned, saying “this program is just intuitive” and it “shortened the time to bring a solution to the client.” The customer is “able to maintain [their] master data without the worry of having a duplicate moving in from another system or being created downstream.” For more information, read the full review.

Integrate Data Across the IT Landscape with SAP Data Intelligence Cloud

SAP Data Intelligence Cloud is a comprehensive data management solution supporting data fabric implementations. As the data orchestration layer of SAP BTP, it transforms distributed data sprawls into vital data insights, supporting innovation and business growth.

Headley stated that “reviewers on TrustRadius highlight SAP Data Intelligence’s self-service data catalog, data lineage tools, and data integration capabilities.”

“SAP Data Intelligence suits all business scenarios that encompasses data,” noted one TrustRadius reviewer. “It simplifies exploration, enticement, modeling and visualization of data.” The reviewer also mentioned that it helps them “integrate data from flat files and external applications, process, and manage it in one spot.” Learn more in the full review.

Give Data Purpose with SAP Data and Analytics Solutions

Data and analytics are at the core of enterprise decision-making. SAP data and analytics solutions bring together data warehousing, management, and integration to deliver trusted insights on a modern, open cloud architecture. These solutions empower users to retain the full perspective of their SAP data and facilitate seamless integration with their business processes.

To us, this recognition from TrustRadius represents the voice of our customers. We’re proud that our products have inspired such gracious feedback in the user community, and we thank our passionate data and analytics customers for their support.

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Daniel Yu is senior vice president of Solution Management and Product Marketing for SAP Data and Analytics at SAP.