Dortmund is a city in western Germany, located in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. With a population of over 600,000 people, it is the eighth-largest city in Germany. Dortmund is known for its industrial heritage and is often referred to as the "Ruhrpott" due to its history as a coal and steel production centre. The city is home to several iconic landmarks, such as the Reinoldikirche, the Westfalenpark, and the U-Tower, which houses the Museum Ostwall. Dortmund is also famous for its football team, Borussia Dortmund, which is one of the most successful and popular football clubs in Germany. The city is a centre of industry and commerce, with a strong focus on technology, innovation, and logistics. Dortmund is also a hub for education and research, with several universities and research institutions.

Interesting Facts

Green is the colour!

Despite its industrial history, Dortmund embraces greenery with expansive parks like Westfalenpark, which hosts the famous German horticultural show, and Rombergpark, known for its botanical garden.

Panoramic views at the Dortmund U-Tower

Once a brewery, the U-Tower now serves as a cultural centre housing art installations, exhibitions, and offering panoramic city views.

A technology hub...

Known for its technological advancements, Dortmund houses the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML), contributing to innovation in logistics and materials handling.


As of 2023, the population of Dortmund is around 610,000. Of course, this number is constantly changing.

Local Attractions

Florian Tower - Florianstraße 2, 44139 Dortmund | 3.7km from city centre

The Florian Tower, or Florianturm, is the tallest building in the city and hard to miss.

This TV Tower actually held the title as the tallest in Germany at one point, which only emphasises how great the views are from the top!

TIP: Check out Frankfurt on ‘Places by PRIMA’ to see what holds the title of ‘Tallest Building in Germany’

St. Reinold’s Church - Ostenhellweg 2, 44135 Dortmund | 2km from city centre

Completed in 1270, this Romanesque Lutheran church features a Gothic choir & a Baroque-style tower. The church is named in honour of the patron saint of Dortmund.

Visitors are offered guided tours through the incredible building and are allowed to climb the tower to marvel at the scenic views.

Westfalenpark - An d. Buschmühle 3, 44139 Dortmund | 3.6km from city centre

The Westfalenpark is a large public park. At 170 acres, it is one of the largest inner-city parks in Europe and is a popular destination for excursions and recreation in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Air and Rail Connections

Dortmund Airport (Dortmund Flughafen)

Dortmund Airport (DTM) serves as a regional and low-cost carrier hub.

Handling domestic and European flights, it facilitates over 2 million passengers annually. Conveniently located near Dortmund city centre, the airport offers various amenities, including shops, restaurants, and car rental services.

Dortmund Central Station – Königswall 15, 44137 Dortmund

Dortmund Hauptbahnhof is the main railway station in Dortmund. The main station hall was rebuilt in the year 1952 in a contemporary style. Its stained glass windows feature then-common professions of Dortmund.

The station has 190,000 passengers passing through each day.

Housing and living costs

Monthly average rental costs are calculated based on apartments both inside and out of the city centre.

  • 1 bedroom – 1,265 euros
  • 2 bedroom – 1,415 euros
  • 3 bedroom – 1,650 euros

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International Education

International Montessori School Dortmund

Founded in 1907 by Dr. Maria Montessori, the school aims to build the self esteem of its students whilst developing both mental and manual skills.

An international bilingual (German/English) school, it operates 3 groups for 57 children aged 0-6 years in the south of Dortmund.

Leibniz Gymnasium International School Dortmund

For students aged 10-18, this school offers the IB Diploma Programme for students aged 16+. Some subjects are taught bilingually, and there is a focus on natural sciences.


Transport Museum & Mooskamp Station - Mooskamp 23, 44359 Dortmund | 7.4km from city centre

Since 2008, new museum services have been operating, with historic Dortmund rail vehicles on the Hoesch-Werkbahn route HHW 6141 between DO-Huckarde and DO-Ellinghausen, which has been put into operation again and is important in terms of the industrial history.

Brewing Museum - Steigerstraße 16, 44145 Dortmund | 3km from city centre

Dortmund is the largest manufacturer of beer in Germany, so where better to have a museum dedicated to beer production.

Visitors are able to stroll through the wide array of beer bottles, clay mugs and old machines. But most importantly, visitors can also taste and buy some of their products here! The Dortmund Municipal Brewery Museum was built on a historically authentic site in the former engine house of the Hansa brewery and the adjacent production hall.

Dortmund Zoo - Mergelteichstraße 80, 44225 Dortmund | 6km from city centre

The zoological garden of Dortmund, it specialises in the keeping and breeding of South American species such as the giant anteater, the tamandua and the giant otter. The zoo is situated in the south of the city between the boroughs of Hacheney and Brünninghausen.

Events, Festivals and Holidays

Mayday Festival

Largely dedicated to the electronic music genre, this music festival showcases House, Techno, Trance and industrial artists from around the world. You can also expect to see other independent and niche musicians here.

Dortmunder Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market)

One of the largest Christmas markets in Europe, with over 250 stalls with handicrafts, Christmas decorations, unusual toys and much more. Be sure to follow tradition and try the mulled wine from the annual cup.

In terms of cuisine, Dortmund’s Christmas town spoils you with hearty dishes such as bratwurst and Westphalian grilled ham as well as sweet things such as roasted almonds, crepes and other delicacies. Christmas Town offers stalls and entertainment for the whole family.

2024 will be the 125th Anniversary of the event!

Food & Drink Options

Kartoffel Lord - Kartoffel Lord, Gerberstr 6, Dortmund | within city centre

If you’re wondering who does the best potatoes in Dortmund, you’ve come to the right place!

It’s widely known that Germans love Kartofell, so the team at Kartoffel Lord took matters into their own hands to revolutionise potatoes. The potatoes are baked in special ovens, to ensure they’re soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. We’re hungry now!

CENTRAL Bar & More Dortmund - Markt 6-8, 44137 Dortmund | 2km from city centre

Something for all…this small cafe & bar with a warm atmosphere & modern decor offers beer, coffee & sandwiches.

Emilio Restaurant - Kaiserstraße 105, 44135 Dortmund | 2.7km from city centre

Wherever you are in the world, everyone loves a quality Italian restaurant!

Enjoy the original, fresh Italian cuisine in the middle of Dortmund with friends, family, and colleagues. You’ll find a large menu at Emilio with a seasonal selection of classic antipasti, fresh pasta, freshly caught specialties from the sea, selected meat dishes and beautiful dolce.


Hampton By Hilton Dortmund Phoenix See | 3-star hotel 5.1km from city centre

Address: Faßstraße 3, 44263 Dortmund
Phone: +49 231 9479900

Hotel Esplanade | 4-star hotel within city centre

Address: Burgwall 3, 44135 Dortmund
Phone: +49 231 58530

Getting Around The City

Public Transport

Dortmund has an extensive public transport system, comprised of buses, trams, trains, and a monorail at the university.

Click this link for maps, timetables and journey planners.

Taxi Companies

TSO Taxi Mölders GmbH | +49 231 77 77 77
TAXI Schepers | +49 231 41 33 33

Shopping Malls

Brückstraße Quarter - Brückstraße, 44135 Dortmund | 1.2km from city centre

The “Brückstraße” quarter is Dortmund’s trendy area, and is dominated by individual, owner-operated retailers. The overall picture of the street is vibrant, young and a bit “freaky”.

Animated by artists, musicians and other creatives, in the middle of the street is the “Dortmund Konzerthaus”, which is a magnet for art and culture lovers.

Neues Thier-Areal - Thier-Galerie, Westenhellweg 102-106, 44137 Dortmund | within city centre

The new “Thier-Galerie” in Dortmund opened in September 2011. On the site of the former Thier brewery in Dortmund it has a sales area of approximately 33,000 square meters and room for about 150 shops and restaurants.

5,000 square metres of office space and approximately 730 parking spaces are also part of the concept. It is located in the southwest of the city center, and has a connection to the upper part of the “Westenhellweg”. Those who want to spend a day somewhere for shopping, eating and drinking are in good hands in the Thier-Galerie.

Local Football Teams

Borussia Dortmund

Founded in 1909 by eighteen football players from Dortmund, the football team is part of a large membership-based sports club with more than 145,000 members, making Borussia Dortmund the third largest sports club by membership in Germany.

Since 1974, Dortmund have played their home games at Westfalenstadion; the stadium is the largest in Germany, and Dortmund has the highest average attendance of any association football club in the world.

The club also has active departments in other sports, namely in women’s handball.


Adler Apotheke

Address: Markt 4, 44137 Dortmund
Phone: +49 231 572621

Pharmacy at Westfalenhaus

Address: Hansastraße 14-16, 44137 Dortmund
Phone: +49 231 529 043


Address: Kampstraße 45, 44137 Dortmund
Phone: +49 231 18 910 050